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Our Mission

Starting with an Affordable Website Design, Our mission is to empower small businesses with the tools and expertise necessary to thrive in today’s competitive market.

We will keep you 1 Step Ahead !

Affordable Website Design - Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We specialize in providing small businesses with a total solution. From affordable website design and logo creation to crafting effective marketing strategies, we’re dedicated to transforming concepts into tangible success for businesses like yours.

We are uniquely positioned with our background and experience in running our own small businesses to  know first hand what challenges you face.

More About Us

We are a European couple who moved to Canada 17 years ago. Since arriving in Canada we have dabbled in small business ventures but got more serious about them 10 years ago. We currently live in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia.

We both had successful Corporate careers that allowed us to retire early. Starting our own small businesses showed us that there is a lot to overcome to get a business off the ground. Thankfully we have strong technical and business backgrounds that helped us navigate through, but we see many others struggling so we want to share our expertise.

We are both Executive Coaches and in doing our own website and branding we know first hand what it is like for you the small business owner in terms of your challenges and restrictions on budget and resources.

We are here to provide small business owners the technical support they need to kickstart and promote their enterprises cost-effectively. Our commitment is to simplify the complex jargon and help navigate through the technical hurdles that can otherwise stall the journey of bringing your business to life.

Breda & Scott Pickering


More About Breda

Breda retired from a very successful Corporate career when she was in her mid-thirties. She was then a Director in a very large successful U.S. multinational managing 450 people. 

She has a technical background with a BSc in Computer Science and Business which combined with her marketing training and expereince positions her perfectly to help your small business.

Breda began her coaching business in 2015 and has assisted many small business owners.

More About Scott

Scott has a Sales and Business Development background in the financial industry. He brings a vast amount of experience to the table to help any small business succeed.

He has been running his own Forex Trading company since 2012 and is also passionate about supporting other entrepreneurs to create success.

Scott is also an Executive Business Coach well positioned to assit you on your journey to success.